Monday, October 6, 2008

the politically awkward first family

McCain can justify his smear campaign of having his VP candidate basically call Obama a foreign terrorist sympathizer with his high-minded approach of not going after Obama on Reverent Wright. I appreciate the thought, John, but too little too late. In addition to the nobility argument of not going after Wright, the fight also opens the door for Palin's witch doctor. But now that they made the open decision to go nasty and not go on issues, can we please talk about John McCain's first wife. It's hilarious during the RNC that he spoke about how he and Cindy both lied about their age (he down, she up) but they forgot to mention that DUDE WAS STILL MARRIED. I know I know, he was a POW and she lost 5 inches in a car wreck. But we didn't start it. The so-called liberal media has been dancing around this for a long time. Even in this article, they imply what an honorable man he is by "bringing the marriage to a swift end". Maybe he brought it to a swift end so he could get some 24-year-old pussy and a 100-million-dollar father-in-law. Hard to know what's in a man's head though.

From the Washington Post:
Nine months earlier, at a cocktail reception in Hawaii, he met a glamorous young heiress named Cindy Lou Hensley and, by all accounts, fell instantly in love. McCain spent months flying from Washington to Arizona pursuing this new relationship. Soon, the 43-year-old naval attache and his 25-year-old sweetheart were engaged.

There was only one complication: McCain was still married.

Carol Shepp McCain, then 42, had endured much in more than 14 years of marriage to John. She had raised their three young children alone while her husband languished in a North Vietnamese prison camp for 5 1/2 years. Her tribulations grew immeasurably after a near-fatal car accident that immobilized her for months and left her scarred for life. Despite their reunion and physical rehabilitation, by the late 1970s the McCains' marriage had begun to crack, as John engaged in what he later termed "dalliances" with other women.

Now it was being torn apart by his relationship with Cindy Hensley. McCain didn't hesitate in bringing his marriage to a swift end....

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