Monday, October 27, 2008

Wassup? Change

I got this off the El Pais Home page.
This is a video that a lot of Spaniards saw today.
How embarrassing.
I really do hope Obama wins.

oh and the Airforce said at the beggining of the month that Palin has never monitored Norad and therefore zero AF experience.

AF Says Palin Has No Air Defense Role
October 02, 2008
United Press International

WASHINGTON -- The Air Force says Sarah Palin and past Alaska governors have never had any direct authority over NORAD, the radar system that watches for air attacks.

The Air Force's statement came in response to a New York Daily News inquiry following a television interview with CBS in which Palin said that Alaska was a hot spot for the monitoring of nearby Russia. The paper reported that Palin said Alaska's proximity to Russia was part of her foreign-policy portfolio.

"It's very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia, as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America -- where do they go? It's Alaska," Palin told CBS.

"It is from Alaska that we send those (patrols) out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation," she added.

Maj. Allen Herritage, a spokesman for the Alaska North American Aerospace Defense Command, said: "The authority to launch and respond to a Russian incursion lies with the Alaska NORAD Region commander."

The Air Force also noted that Alaska Air National Guard patrol flights along the frontier are under Air Force command.
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