Monday, October 27, 2008

The Hartford Courant endorses Senator Obama

My local "conservative" paper, The Hartford Courant, has endorsed Senator Obama for President. This is noteworthy as it is the oldest continuously published paper in the US and, as they stated, in it's "244-year history, The Courant has endorsed only one Democratic candidate for president, Bill Clinton. Today we endorse a second Democrat, Sen. Barack Obama, with the hope that if elected, he governs from the middle as Mr. Clinton did. Mr. Obama must resist serving only his party's interests and instead serve the greater interests of a worried nation." The paper has had a severely checkered period over the last few decades, including being purchased and tortured by the Tribune Company. Recently it went through a god-awful redesign that has turned customers off. But at least this endorsement shows that even they know when change can be truly positive. So, yet another conservative paper endorses Obama. How many for McCain? Does it even matter?

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