Friday, October 24, 2008

LIEberman: "Obama prepared to be president"

Which way is the Bingo Hall, Joe?

The douche Senator from my fair state of Connecticut finally praises Senator Obama... sort of. From Capitol Watch, Mark Pazniokas writes:
"I'm saying he is less prepared than McCain," Lieberman said.

But what about Sarah Palin? Is she ready to be president on day one?

"She's not going to have to be president from day one, because McCain is going to be alive and well. I've been talking to actuaries and doctors," Lieberman said. "He can be expected to live to his mid-80s and probably longer."

When pressed about when she would be ready, Lieberman replied, "Well, let's hope she never has to be ready."

He laughed, apparently realizing how that might be interpreted. He quickly clarified, "Because we hope McCain is elected and lives out his term."

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