Friday, October 24, 2008

"Attacked" McCain volunteer faces charges for Hoax

Put this in the "Gee, didn't see that one coming" category:
At a news conference this afternoon, officials said they believe that Todd's injuries were self-inflicted.

Police investigating the report said Todd's story began to unravel early on and they administered a polygraph test.

Investigators asked Todd to return to the police station today for more questioning and to help them release a composite sketch of the suspect.

When she did, police say she admitted that she made the whole thing up and that it snowballed out of control.

Todd told investigators today that she "just wanted to tell the truth" – adding that she was neither robbed, nor attacked.

"She indicated that she has prior mental problems and that she does not remember how the backward letter B got on her face," Richard told reporters today.

Todd told police that while she did not remember how the backward "B" got on her face, she may have done it herself since she was the only one in the car.
Money quote from the press conference: "She doesn't know why the media blew this out of proportion," police spokesperson. Shouldn't the conservative media hacks be screaming about this to the MSM as they like to say and tell them, "See, you turn everything into politics!" Oh, wait, this was 'broken by Drudge'. Digg readers had some interesting comments. I don't buy that she didn't know what she was doing, as illustrated by her twitter feed of that night. She was clearly out to make a statement.

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