Saturday, October 4, 2008

obama = terrorist; palin = patriot

Fox News just reporting that at a no-cameras-allowed fundraiser, Palin told supporters that "we have to get the word out" about Obama "pal-ing around with terrorists" like Bill Ayers. Obama = Terrorist. Expect to hear that one a bunch. Maybe not with the cameras on though. Here comes the jihad.

The Palins might know a thing or two about terrorists, since her husband was a member of the white supremacist loving Alaska Independence Party:

Mark Ambinder's post:
In response to Gov. Sarah Palin's invocation of Barack Obama's "terrorist" "pal" William Ayers, Democrats have settled on a rhetorical response that inquires, innocently enough, whether Todd Palin's association with anti-American secessionists is fair game, especially in light of Palin's charge that Obama "is not a man who sees America as you and I do."

Todd Palin, a former member of the Alaska Independence Party, might well have seen America unlike his wife did -- that is, an America that one can secede from. He was comfortable belonging to and being associated with a political party whose founder seemed to delight in denouncing the principles that hold our union together...

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