Friday, October 24, 2008

More on that McCain campaigner allegedly attacked by political mugger

Andrew Sullivan posted a few links on The Daily Dish that continue to ferret out the story regarding this supposedly political mugging. Yes, I'm being just as bad as Drudge and diluting it to it's basic formula: this white woman was assaulted by a black Obama supporter. Just like the Palin Rallies, it is doing it's best to spark the "us vs. them" paranoid mentality of the McCain base. However, there seems to be a lot of questions to this. Not the least of which is why she would refuse treatment... Even readers are wondering,
If you were being mugged and attacked by a big old angry man, would you be still enough for him to neatly scratch a "B" into the center of your cheek? Also, the "B" is backwards. It would look correct in the mirror if you were to scratch it into your own face. This is a sad story.
(from The Daily Dish)

Of course, over at The Drudge Report, are they wondering or just blaming, as is clearly the intent of this piece and Drudge's reporting? Of course, the girl is only 20, so she may have never seen the whole Morton Downey Jr episode.

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