Thursday, October 16, 2008

debate thoughts

I think mccain is basically irrelevant. He has no chance of winning as it stands. Unless palin's children die in a plane crash or the golden gate bridge is bombed, he's done. I don't really understand obama's tax plan or health care plan but i understand that mccain is going to tax me for health and i'll have a net loss of 7000 dollars. And i think Obama understands it and is going to have really smart people figuring it out. I also think that he is a guy who can someone to work for the government for the good of the country. I think that service thing is going to be a big deal for him. bush was like yeah volunteers are great. You should volunteer. And shop. And McCain's idea of service is getting tortured in the sixties.

As far as swing states and all that. i think americans like a winner so more and more people are going to break for obama. I guess it might tighten up. But the 30% who don't like obama, now hate him and are trying to convince their neighbors that he's a terrorist. I think they sound craazy. We drive across massachussetts twice a week now and a good way for me to stay awake is to listen to crazy am radio. On every station is a nut screaming about acorn and kenya and socialism. They have nothing but some wacky theories. Imagine if the Democratic party was taken over by 9/11 truth people. That's what they sound like. The genius Palin pick turned out to be a dud. The economic crisis and her bungling interviews and thinly veiled racism has squeezed her into the nut corner as well.

I really can't believe McCain was going on about the pro-abortion extremes. That is what you do in a primary. Obviously they believe in that karl rove genius crap about the secret americans not telling pollsters and coming out in droves on election day. But the fear the repubs ginned up in 2004 was gay rights and terror and hey come on give the guy a break—they've been working hard killing arabs; they'll figure it out. But since then, there was Katrina, Afghanistan surging and a total economic meltdown. Amazingly Bush still thinks he's doing a good job. Blah blah, I hope they are crushed in this election and cry themselves to sleep on November 5th in the early a.m.

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