Thursday, October 16, 2008

debate #3 twitters collected

debate #3: another chance for mccain to look irrelevant

Joe whats a burger
Joe the plumber joe the plumber We're talking about joe the plumber
Hillary clinton is my friend. I'll hack and slice! I know! I know!
Fox news!
Johnny the widdah baby
Acorn is destroying the nation!
Obama the cockamamie senator
Wow. Labor union leaders killed in colombia! Go man
Every american parent should know bout joe the plumber's obese baby.
Here's your fine-zero.
Mccain looks sad
Botox. Kidney transplant. Whatever.
Extreme pro abortion bastards want to rate a woman's life
Who is that blinky old white man
Good soldier equals good teacher. Everybody knows that.

Eloquent is the new wind surfing
I don't think joe the plumber is gonna save you bub
Olbermann just said it was more disturbing to see Mccain actually look at obama this debate
Mccain needs Palin's children to die tragically to get back in this
tired, still reading blogs, 20 days to go and looking good
obama is a kenyan marathon runner-everyone else is tired from sprinting

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