Saturday, October 11, 2008

Talking Points

The Daily Kos has a great set of 'Talking Points' for Obama/Biden supporters, posted by ShadowSD. Good to have on hand as the next few weeks intensifies and we have to really shout to be heard over the insane rhetoric and violent vitriol of the McShameful Palin. The fact that there are Republicans buying into this 'terrorist', 'sleeper cell' crap is lower than low. Who would have thought they could get any lower than Bush/Cheney administration?! From the Daily Kos:
Whether convincing undecideds or debating a McCain supporter in a public forum, it is essential to know your stuff. Obama has done a better job combatting GOP messaging than I've ever seen, but there are unfortunately still so many lies to rebut; the only weapon against this is on-message surrogates. If you have a portable computer going into a discussion about Obama, have this open and ready to go; whatever inaccuracies you encounter, you'll be prepared with a quick, clear, and confident answer. (Printable Version)
Let's get educated in how to speak to the detractors!

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