Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Secret Service looking into Palin rallygoer

From Radar:
The Secret Service is following up on media reports today that someone in the crowd at a McCain/Palin event suggested killing Barack Obama, according to Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley. The shout of "kill him" followed a Sarah Palin rant on Obama's relationship with radical Chicagoan Bill Ayers.

Wiley says the Secret Service did not begin looking into the matter until press reports, namely Dana Milbank's article in the Washington Post, surfaced today, because no agents at the event heard anything. "The Secret Service did not hear any threatening statements directed at targets under its protection and no threatening statements were reported to us by law enforcement or citizens at the event," Wiley told Radar. Also unclear: whether the remark was directed at Obama or Ayers if the words were actually "kill" and "him."

Wiley said that the Secret Service had tried to get in touch with Milbank to get his account of the event but was unsuccessful. Were the they able to confirm the remark they'd "be looking to talk to that person," Wiley said. "We investigate everything because we take all threats seriously."

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