Sunday, October 19, 2008

Photo that moved Colin Powell

Several bloggers have been commending Mr. Powell not only for his endorsement of Sen. Obama, but for his defense of Muslims. At the heart of his defense was seeing this photo of a mother mourning her son.
Mr. Powell also told reporters on Sunday that he was troubled that a number of Americans believe that Mr. Obama is a Muslim, although he did not directly link that supposition to the McCain campaign. At a recent town-hall style meeting during which an audience member said she thought that Mr. Obama was an “Arab,” Mr. McCain replied, “No, ma’am, he’s a decent family man.”

“These are the kinds of images going out on Al Jazeera that are killing us around the world,” Mr. Powell said. “And we have got to say to the world it doesn’t make any difference who you are and what you are. If you’re an American, you’re an American.”

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