Friday, October 10, 2008

my translation of laura ingrahamese

Bill Ayers = ACORN = Hugo Chavez = Obama = Marxist = Ahmadenijad. Hugo Chavez loves the Bill Ayer's educational reforms that Obama likes ergo Chavez loves Obama which means that Ahmadenijad must also love Obama. Obama was elected in precincts where these filthy community organizers worked and ACORN 'intimidated' banks and pushed the radical Community Reinvestment Act 'abomination.' The 'three arms' of ACORN are stealing the vote by falsely registering people, getting money to non-honkies, and whispering to gay congressmen. Bottom line: ACORN ruined the economy with a slow time-bomb from the Jimmy Carter administration and now their stealth candidate Barack Hussein Obama is blaming the free market and positioning himself to begin "socially engineering our markets." His domestic terrorist and Kenyan Marxist pals are spurting in their pants at the opportunity to take over this great country. We have 25 days til we are doomed. Wake up America!

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