Friday, October 3, 2008

my debate twitters

from my twitter texts
We need Biden to unleash the kraken of love on america.
Dick cheney: duck hunting constitution shredder.

She's doing a good job. Folksy but a bit creepy.
Oooh he got off a laugh
Rear that head of abuse...
She gets a bit stilted
Post traumatic stress disorder when she talks about iraq. So familiar.
She makes my skin crawl.
Oh yeah. Brought up spain!
Go joe. Go joe. Go joey joey joe
She's lying.
Is she an alaskan satanist?
No surprise that she agrees with cheney
She is a hard core ideologue. Can't hide it.
He choked up. Go joe
Maverick he is not! Yeah baby

She did well but peaked in the middle. Joe was really good in last part.
She defended her own bad interviews during closing statements. Maybe setting up for 2016
She's going back to the cheney bunker.

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