Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain Angry! 3rd Debate remix

This was up on YouTube only an hour and half after the debate. I have to say, Sen. McCain did look like unnecessarily angry. What was really insulting was he was insulted by Congressman John Lewis' statements, comparing McCain to George Wallace. Senator McCain then goes onto say he's proud of his audience. I even heard a NPR corespondent say that she thought that was a moving moment for Sen. McCain, defending his audience. WTF?! His audience have blatantly threatened Senator Obama! The evidence has been all over the internet and the web, and on this blog! One need not look far to for the footage of calls of 'terrorist!', 'traitor!', and 'Kill him!' in the presence of Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain.

Although, I thought they were all a little too soft on Palin during the debate.

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