Tuesday, October 7, 2008

liberal media scared of palin

CNN ran clips this morning of a new Palin interview. The interview is with a local Tampa station. The guy was so excited to be deemed worthy of the McCain campaign that he let Sarah be Sarah and didn't ask too many nasty follow-up questions. All the cable networks are running clips or entire segments of her speeches all day long. Biden is at his mother-in-law's funeral so they don't have to bother with airtime equality. Rarely do they mention the hatred stirred up in the audience though it is well documented in his blog and many others as well as on MSNBC evening shows. Rarely do they mention her press brownout. The campaign has learned how foolish it was to black her out entirely. So they control her appearances in a Cheneyesque manner and her press is controlled in a way Kim Jong il would be proud of. The so-called liberal media swallows it all down. Gulp. As TPM notes, she doesn't eve take responsibility for her own attacks:

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Helder said...

NewSpeak: Gov. Palin attributes the Ayers topic to The New York Times. She's trying to debunk the criticism lobbed at her from the Left that she 'doesn't read newspapers' and can't name one that she does. This doesn't illustrate that at all; in fact, what she more than likely is doing is reciting from NYT neo-con Bill Kristol*, who 'interviewed' her recently. A real journalist or pundit would have called out on that.

*also to be referred to as "Assclown"