Wednesday, October 8, 2008

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From Pollster:
This morning Senator Biden discussed the financial crisis, Senator McCain's new proposal for relieving homeowners, Governor Palin's comments about Senator Obama, and Saturday Night Live.

On the financial crisis
"I don't know if anything will calm it down in the next 12-48 hours," Mr Biden said. However, he added, "the rescue plan hasn't had a chance to work."

On McCain's proposal
"The secretary has the kind of authority in this rescue plan now, if Senator McCain was talking about something different it wasn't apparent to me," Mr Biden said.

On Sarah Palin's comments about Obama
"I think it goes way too far, this really is a case of if you don't have anything to say...and some of the stuff being yelled out of the crowd...I thought we were beyond that."

On McCain referring to Obama as "that one"
"I think when John knows he's sort of in attack mode it's always difficult to look the other person in the eye...I think it's his unease with the attack," Senator Biden said.

On Saturday Night Live
After viewing a clip of a parody of him on SNL, Mr Biden burst into uproarious laughter. He complimented the SNL actors, but said "I don't have that much hair." He commented that when he first watched the sketch he briefly though Tina Fey actually was Sarah Palin because the impression was that impressive.

On "The Early Show"

Senator Biden said that Governor Palin's attempts to link Mr Obama to William Ayers, a 1960s radical, were "mildly dangerous."

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