Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Glenn O'Brien on Sarah Palin

From Glenn O'Brien's Style Guy Blog:

The Rhetoric of Confusion: Sarah Palin and the Rise of Mediocracy. A style-based analysis of Palin and the Republicans' semiotic strategy.

"The Republicans are traditionally the party of the moneyed elite, and through perhaps the smoothest bait-and-switch in history, they continue to serve this constituency covertly while descrying their actual agenda. Posing as the party of the people, the party of patriotism and supporting the troops, they have forged an unholy coalition of the religious, the gun-toting, the xenophobic, and the resentful white silent majority, railing against big government while quietly inflating it. By appealing to the fears of the great middle they advance the agenda of the ultra-elite super-wealthy."

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