Monday, October 13, 2008

Give the Past a Slip/Crack that Whip

I meant, "when a problem comes along/you must whip it!"

Despite the past week's McPalin Rally HateSpeak, this little ditty is hopefully just a cultural faux-pas (that's elitespeak for 'poor choice of words'):
"We're going to spend a lot of time and after I whip his you-know-what in this debate, we're going to be going out 24/7," McCain said of Democratic rival Barack Obama.

The two men will debate Wednesday at Hofstra University on Long Island, N.Y. CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer will moderate the 90-minute forum.

Still, McCain promised to run a "respectful" campaign in the weeks to come.

"I respect Senator Obama, we will conduct a respectful race and be sure everyone else does too. But there are stark difference between us," McCain said.
Seriously? I mean, seriously?!?! Does Sen. McCain ever think before he speaks? Yes, 'to whip your opponent' is a 'figure of speech', but considering the context and origin and the racism already evident at McPalin rallies, that was just a very poor choice of words.

Thanks to KingMob66 for submitting this article.

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Jim Finn said...

I don't buy this one.