Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From Bill Ayers' blog (comments)

Jack Janski Says:

Hey Interro,
So I guess you voting for the Black Used Car Salesman, eh? Moron!!!

Wes Freeman Says:
October 2, 2008 at 10:06 am
McCain is a hell of a lot better than Ayers and His Arab Pot smoking buddy Barack Obama and his monkey faced wife

joey benitos Says:
October 4, 2008 at 8:37 pm
wow, you really are a loud-mouth know-it-all left-over. You deserve nothing better than what your victims received.

I spit on you and your mother.

But mostly I pray that God in Heaven –that’s right– remove you –preferably violently– from the earthly bounds you don’t deserve.

Nigel Says:
October 4, 2008 at 9:27 pm
You know that we are all in the END TIMES events. The US is in an economic melt down and so is Europe. They are in the same hole as we are. The events are going to get worse instead of better. Weather is changing all over the world and our finances are going down the tube. So you all better get in line with GOD and HE is the only one that can save us all from all of this that man has caused. So I say GET WITH GOD HE IS THE ONLY SAVIOR THAT CAN SAVE US. DON’T BE STUPID AND NOT GET WITH GOD. YOU WILL ONLY DIE AND NOT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.

Don Hudgins
October 6, 2008 at 8:14 pm
Bill, Judging from some of the deplorable and reprehensible comments posted on this blog, the need for your work in education is sorely needed. The ignorance spewing forth from hate mongers demonstrates the need for change and for electing a man like Barack Obama.

Clearly, there is little understanding of the need for radical action during the Vietnam War. I won’t try to defend the acts of the Weathermen but I do express my appreciation for those who took action to bring that illegal and inhumane conflict to an end. Including John Kerry. Every bit the hero John McCain was. I only wish that such courage and committment would manifest itself against the current conflict for oil.

I was only 12 in 1968 and was never eligible for the draft. By the time I finished HS, the war was finally coming to an end. But I remember well, the sense of impending death carried by all during those times. Every young man was forced to contemplate the prospect of death in a foreign land for an unjust and illegal conflict. Blaming Barack Obama for acts of others committed to bringing that conflict to an end is absurd. It is also important to remember that the single worst act of terrorist violence committed in the US besides 9/11 was committed in the name of racist, separatist, facism by Timothy McVeigh.

Guilt by association can damn almost anyone. It is very clear to me that Barack Obama is not unduly influenced by nefarious forces out to bring down our government. And if he has sought out your council on education, I applaud him. Clearly you have demonstrated your committment to the field and demonstrated your expertise. I hope Richie Daily will intervene and speak to this issue. Further, it is evident that Barack Obama is committed to improving the country through good government for and by the people. And I applaud his and your committment to education.

I can’t help but be struck by the “religious” tone taken by some of the posts on this site. I stand by my conviction that the three worse inventions of man are religion, legal tender, and the internal combustion engine. All three have brought endless heartache to our world.

Best wishes to you Bill Ayers and keep up your good work in education.

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