Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do we need this Barracuda in the White House?

When I opened my email today and found the invitation from Jim Finn to contribute to this blog, I didn't blink. I knew it was the best way to help my country in light of all the politricks that are being used on the sheep. But, as I went to post for the first time, I froze up and couldn't think of what to contribute... which I guess is how Governor Palin must be feeling when she's not in front of her legion of supporters, chanting her name. Then I recalled this really in-depth article, Barracuda, by Noam Scheiber at The New Republic (via Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish).

Within this article, Mr. Scheiber interviews Sarah Palin's political mentors in Wasilla, Alaska, as they detailed why they took her under their wing and how she then stabbed them in the backs. The article brings to light more information regarding the accusations of 'book banning' which began when she was on council.
Palin mentioned to Mary Ellen Emmons, the library director, that something had been bothering her--a book she thought was overly indulgent of homosexuality. "She said there was no room in our library for that kind of stuff," recalls Chase. Emmons curtly disagreed, but Palin was adamant. She suggested the librarian could at least keep such books in the reference section, where visitors would have to request them. "We don't believe in censoring books," Emmons finally told her, at which point Palin trailed off muttering.
Also telling of Palin's 'entitlement issues', was her refusal to recuse herself from considering upping the purse for the Iron Dog competition, the 2,000 mile snow machine race Wasilla participates in which her husband, Todd Palin, had one the year before.
[Palin] protested, "I don't think I have a conflict of interest here because Todd won it last year. There's no guarantee that he's going to win it this year." As others chimed in to explain the problem, Palin dug in her heels. "Well, it could be perceived that way, but it isn't," she harrumphed.
The main focus of this article is illustrating the genesis of her 'anti-elitist' stance and rhetoric that we currently are tortured with on the campaign trail.

Photo by Flickr user Jarito

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