Thursday, October 9, 2008

DIGG McPalin articles and they may contain "information that may not be accurate."

I was actually going to post about this thread over at Digg, regarding Governor Palin's attempt to hire G. Gordon Liddy, but then I found that the Palin Pals have begun to report it as containing information that may not be accurate. That seems to be par for the course lately on Digg: Digg an item on McCain/Palin, especially one that really questions them (here, suggesting that after weeks of calling Ayers a 'terrorist', they too have palled around with their own domestic 'terrorist'), and then comments attack Obama, followed by 'reporting the item'. I link directly to this thread because several of the posters also offer some other interesting links and comments. It's an interesting read into the minds of people... and scary.

Although not as as scary as these folk...

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