Wednesday, October 8, 2008

debate twitters collected

Das Twitters of the Second Debate (Oct. 7, 2008)

Another softball interview with Palin today. Katie Couric is the protector of the republic.
eating wisconsin cheese curds, getting ready for the debateChris matthews just said on tv the Mccain campaign is painting Obama as a sleeper bell member.

My friend. I'm not a creep. My friend
Nuclear plants for every town!
Obama is kicking ass!
Jello on the wall. In the nursing home.
Who voted for it? That one! He can't hide his contempt.
Oh yeah. Gov is got to crack down on insurance cos.
Nice job. Got the first holocaust in! He's up in florida
Pipe down you breatho
Were you a pow or something?

Wolf blitzer said it was obvious Mccain has disdain for Obama
Obama connected the dots: iraq,afghanistan, green energy
Republicans on Cnn are throwing Mccain under the bus... They couldn't even fake it
Mccain and cindy ran away. Obama and michelle are still with the crowd taking pics
Paul begala brought up on Cnn the fascist writer Palin quoted. Hooray
Pundits and polls agree Mccain had his ass handed to him on an old silver platter

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