Monday, October 13, 2008

Conservative Video Roundup

This video is far too boring to watch in its entirety, but compelling for its oddness. Who is this guy? Your uncle Murray gets the idea, oh, I'll make one of those heavy metal rock videos. Yeah, that'll really speak to the kids.

This this some sort of American schlager? I can't quite pin down the musical genre. comment on the next one:

And finally, Future Log Cabin Republicans for Sarah Palin:


Benjamin Hussein Coonley said...

Halter, where you find this stuff?

DLC said...

Oh Christ I'm sending that last one far and wide.

Minister said...

Just wondering, is the "uncle Murray" reference an anti-semitic remark or just something said out of total ignorance of the metal subculture? Half the people in the band that recorded that song are younger than 20 and it was produced by the World Metal Alliance, an organization recognized by metal fans as the "U.N." of metal.