Monday, November 3, 2008

native alaskans are discriminated against too, you know

We know today has been video-heavy, but this one, THIS ONE is the ticket, right here. A black fellow tells Sarah Palin that he is the only minority at her rally and asks how this can be improved upon. Palin replies that she knows what racism is like, because Todd is native Alaskan and, get this, “We live it.” Oh gosh golly, do we really only have a matter of hours left with this nut? [CNN iReport via Ben Smith]

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Alexandra said...

true true true true true. i know a native alaskan and his life isn't easy. and neither is mine.

btw... i found your blog through microcosm. i'm alexandra unruh. my website is or

anyway, have a lovely day, and keep your chin up. small steps.. and someday, maybe we'll do what we all wish we could.