Saturday, September 20, 2008

john birch society and the gov

Our future VP with a newsletter from the extreme right-wing hate group when she was back in Wasilla in the mid-90s John Birch Society. Here is their response:

"...Does this show some type of connection between JBS and Palin? It does not connect her to The John Birch Society any more than a copy of the New York Times sitting on her desk would connect her to the New York Times Company. The photo is a symbol of the organized strength of a successful grassroots campaign to protect the U.S. Constitution from calls for a modern-day Constitutional Convention (con-con) that could potentially revise or completely rewrite the Constitution. The JBS printed thousands of that reprint for members to distribute to local, state and federal officials...

...This photo is a great reminder of the effectiveness of The John Birch Society, especially nice to see as we celebrate our 50th anniversary Oct. 2-4.

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